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    Supporting families affected by alcohol and other drugs in Australia.
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About Family Drug Support

Family Drug Support was formed in 1997 after it's founder Tony Trimingham lost his son to a heroin overdose. Bereft, Tony felt frustrated by the general apathy and ignorance of his own experience.

This was also the plight of many other families. Realising this was but the tip of the iceberg, a public meeting was called where hundreds of people attended.

1st National Family Drug Support Day
24th February 2016
Drug use can happen in any family

National FDS DayThe inaugural National Family Drug Support Day will be held on Wednesday 24th February.

The event will be celebrated at Parliament House Canberra at 10am and there will be other State events held around Australia. For updated details on all events go to:

Drugs affect all members of the community but it is the families and drug users themselves who bear the brunt of the problems.  The National Day will deliver some key messages for affected families.

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Tony Trimingham

FDS CEO and Founder

Walking a Tightrope

Alcohol and other drug use and violence: A guide for families
Alcohol and other drug use and family violence often occur together. Families already coping with a family member who uses alcohol and drugs can also be exposed to violent behaviours. Living with a family member who uses alcohol or other drugs and who is violent can be frightening. It can feel like walking a tightrope. Specialist support and medical attention may be helpful.