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Pill testing demonstration

Tony Trimingham speaking on behalf of families at a pill testing demonstration at the Ted Noffs Foundation.

Music festival tragedy

A 22-year-old man has died at a music festival after taking an unknown substance and it has created a fresh debate on pill testing.

Opinion piece written by David Caldicott from Canberra’s Calvary Hospital

Stop sacrificing young lives at an altar of drug dogma
DECEMBER 11, 2018
I am the very proud father of some very naughty children, and I would happily walk through fire for them. I am also an emergency consultant with an interest in illicit drug overdoses and, by obvious extension, how to reduce them. This year, I was proud to be part of an extraordinary coalition of individuals who conducted Australia’s first government-sanctioned pilot pill test in the ACT.
Since the death of yet another young man at a music festival this weekend, from a presumed overdose, it is in this latter capacity that I have been asked, on several occasions now, “How do you feel about another festival death in NSW?” He has a name: Callum Brosnan.

Stepping Forward - Key Modules of Change

Family Drug Support has produced in conjunction with Readymade Productions and with funding from PHN Wentwest, our Stepping Forward module – “Stages of Change and Balance Pole”. This resource will enable remote families and services to access this information and use it as a support option. Family Drug Support can deliver this and other Stepping Forward modules in person.
For further information, please contact the FDS head office on (02) 4782 9222.

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