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International FDS Day 2022

 Due to the impact of COVID-19 an event is being held online to mark the International Family Drug Support Day 2022.
International FDS day first started in 2016 to draw attention to the importance of families affected by alcohol and/or drugs, including the benefits of supporting families. When families are given education, awareness and tips on coping and keeping safe, the outcome for everyone is improved.

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Language Matters!

At FDS we have always tried to avoid using negative labels such as junkie, druggie, and addict which tend to shame and stigmatized people who use drugs and by association their families. 


Items of Interest

Not My Family, Never My Child Book

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A practical handbook by Tony Trimingham for anyone who suspects (or knows) someone they care about is a drug user.

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Walking a Tightrope

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Alcohol and other drug use and violence: A guide for families

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Explanation of the Tight Rope Walker and Balance Pole Metaphor

When someone is confronted in a major crisis in their life, such as a breakdown of marriage or relationship, diagnosis of a serious illness, business collapse or loss of a job, or in particular realising they have a drug problem in the family.

Letter to Family and Friends

Someone you care about is drinking or using drugs. You can see many ways he/she is creating problems in his/her life and creating harm in yours.

Tough love has no place in the FDS model

There is often a debate on ‘tough love’ as an effective strategy for families dealing with alcohol and other drug issues. At FDS we believe that applying punitive strategies is not really effective and, in some cases, may lead to more problems than solutions.