Stepping Stones - N.S.W.



Unless indicated, the course runs over 2 consecutive weekends.

Contact the facilitator (listed below) OR Head Office for more information.

Ph: (02) 4782 9222

Important Information


FDS Update regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 As FDS is a National organisation, we operate across a number of jurisdictions.

 We work with the information being provided to our workers in each state regarding

 re-opening of groups and courses.  Therefore, not all States will re-open at the same time.

 As our groups/courses/events re-open, our website will be the most up-to-date source of accurate information.

 In the meantime, we are pushing additional resources towards our 24/7 Support phone line:

 24/7 Telephone Line: 1300 368 186

 You can call this line anytime for Family support.

 An additional option is to visit the FDS:


 Where you will find resources/tools and on-line videos which you will find beneficial.

 Family Drug Support Online for Families:

 Interactive tool based on a typical Support Group.

 We apologise for any inconvenience but assure you that as soon as we are able to, it is our priority to resume our groups and courses on a regular, on-going basis.

 We appreciate your patience and wish everyone the very best during this period of uncertainty.


Tony Trimingham, OAM, CEO

NSW – Coffs Harbour                                 Dates:  22 - 23 August 2020                                          (9:30am - 4:30pm)


                                                                                   29 - 30 August 2020

Venue: Coffs Ex-Services, Northside, Vernon Street.

Enquiries: Theo 0402 604 354 or Head Office (02) 4782 9222

Registration is now open. RSVP: 12 August 2020

NSW - Sydney                                             Dates:  12 – 13 September 2020                                   (9:30am - 4:00pm)


                                                                                   19 - 20 September 2020

Venue: To be confirmed

Enquiries: Tony 0412 414 444 or Head Office (02) 4782 9222

Registration is now open. RSVP: 2 September 2020

NSW - Newcastle                                        Dates:  24 – 25 October 2020                                        (9:30am - 4:00pm)


                                                                                   31 Oct - 01 November 2020

Venue: Samaritan Church Hall, 199 Broadmeadow Road, Broadmeadow

Enquiries: Julie 0400 113 422 or Head Office (02) 4782 9222

Registration is now open. RSVP: 14 October 2020