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Services for CDATs/LDATs/Schools

About Family Drug Support
Family Drug Support (FDS) is a caring, secular organisation which provides non-judgmental, non-directive support and information for families and friends of drug and/or alcohol users across Australia. Since 1997, Family Drug Support has successfully provided programmes and services in this area.

FDS has staff in multiple states and can provide a variety of services to Community Drug Action Teams (CDAT), Local Drug Action Teams (LDAT) and schools. If your CDAT, LDAT or school would like to benefit from the knowledge and experience that FDS has with regard to the impacts of drug and alcohol use on families and communities, please get in touch with us using the webform below.

Services available CDATs/LDATs 
Support the Family - 
Improve the Outcome
One hour to two days’ workshop for drug and alcohol services, mental health services, youth and family services. Delivering an overview on what a family is, the importance of family in treatment and recovery, what families experience, engaging with families. Plus much more.
Stepping Forward
Information Sessions
‘Stepping Forward’ delivers useful information and support for families supporting someone using alcohol and/or other drugs. These sessions appeal to a wide audience with an emphasis on being straight forward, reality-based, practical information with audience interaction and participation encouraged.
Each Stepping Forward module is run over 2 hours: 
Stages of Change and "Balance Pole"
Effective Communication
Alcohol and Other Drugs Information
Separate modules can be provided for:
Treatment and Recovery, Boundary Setting and Dealing with Conflict,
ICE Presentation, and Engaging with Families Workshop.
Services available Schools 
Talking to your Teenager
Two to three hours presentation for parents about how to talk to teenagers about drugs and alcohol.
Tony’s Talk to Teenagers FDS staff present Tony Trimingham’s, CEO and founder of FDS, story, to teenagers in a one-hour talk. As part of the interactive session, the importance of self-care when using drugs and/or alcohol, looking out for your mates and talking with parents are discussed.
The Gathering
The aim of this two-hour program is to provide information on the effects and impacts of drug and alcohol use, so informed decisions can be made if a situation arises.
Based on a 20-minute video of a party that goes viral. The video includes heavy alcohol use, drug use and unwanted sexual encounters. The video is confronting, participants follow various cast members, looking at critical times in the video and what different decisions might have made to the outcome.
The services listed above are available by application using the webform below.

FDS does not charge for these services however, reimbursement for costs incurred is payable and donations welcome. For information on availability and applicable fees, please complete the below webform and we’ll be in touch.

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