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Joshua Martin

Joshua Patrick Bede Martin
Born 12th August 1980
Died from Accidental Overdose 28th - 29th December 2010
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Joshua Martin
This photo of Josh was taken in Rehab on his 30th Birthday
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For my beloved son Josh

Oh, Joshua my beautiful son,
What a fine life wasted.
I used to say"Josh, I gave you life, please don't waste it, live to be happy and healthy".
But No, that wasn't your road.
Even after eight months clean.
You felt that evil friend Heroin within, screaming in every living cell in your body.
Just this one time, I know how to beat it.
I just need "One Hit".
That's all it took.
The final Hit that took you away from us.
Too much for your poor body to take.
You drowned with your last breath.
The pull was too strong that white powder finally won.
No one was there this time,no one to pull you back.
It didn't matter how much I loved you Josh, Mum couldn't fix it this time.
Never to see your smile again and always an empty seat,
Our family will always be incomplete.
As I watch you soar above me on the wings of eagles.
I know your spirit is free.
As sure as I know mine is trapped here below,
I so want to hold you as I did when you were born.
But I must wait, its not my time.
Some days I wish I could curl up and die, then I think of my family.
I put on my smile and go on.
A mother holds her children's hands for a little while but their hearts forever.
Love Mum
Fly Free Josh


Joshua Martin 28th Birthday
This photo of Josh and his mum Juanita was in Rehab on his 28th Birthday


Joshua Martin SkyDiving 21st Birthday
This photo of Josh was taken Skydiving for his 21st