Damien Trimingham

Damien Anthony Trimingham
Born 9th January 1974, died by overdose 24th February 1997
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For Damien
by Tony Trimingham
To know love a man must dive into life
You endured the times of desolation and the descent into dejection
You challenged the mountains of self doubt
And roamed the fertile valleys of intimacy
But the ache in your heart
And your silent longing was as vast as the ocean
Yet you could knock gently at the doors of people's hearts
And your eyes and smile gave entry
To the souls of all you encountered
You dared to touch all of love's pain and sorrow
And longed for love's purpose and motive
You heard with your heart
You saw with your hands
You touched with your mind
And felt with your spirit
Sometimes reckless, often extreme
Not the tentative step for you
At times at pain
Yes, you knew all love's aspects
May you forever know the tranquillity you craved.


Aged 15


A Poem By Damien
Embroiled in a drug-filled haze
Melting defence
Got lost in the maze
Lost to my own desire to hurt
Lost to the girl
And a white powdered dirt
Confusion the emotion of pleasure and pain
Playing my life
Like playing a game
Caught in my own
Self spinning web
Fighting a war that exists in my head
The inner child has lost to the man
That couldnt see past
An indifferent plan
Lost every rational thought in my mind
Caught in a shell
With nothing but time
And now as i watch
Yet I'm shielding my eyes
With a needle protruding
I'm feeling the lies
A memory, a thought
A relinquished sigh
A decision to make
To live or to die
To be or be not
said the guilt-ridden Dane
To find out the truth
and finish the game
Watching the screen now my battle's been won
But what of the kids
Whose battle goes on
Understand, educate and never be blind
To a drug that steals
Health, spirit and mind