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Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson
Born August 29th 1960
Died November 22nd 2000
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I'll Take My Stand
I'm so confused my soul is bruised My mind is astonished with what you say How in the world did we get here again It seems like this every day
I feel so angry I just want to scream Now I begin to see the lies From the principalities and powers unseen While the heart gets harder and the Spirit cries
Again I feel my rage come on but I feel the gentle wind Blow my thoughts back to that love and voice I understand The only way to win in life is surrender my will to Him So take my heart and cleanse my mind
And again I'll take my stand
I'll take your hand and we'll walk to the shore Til the Lord in His wisdom shall open the door To the Gates of the Kingdom then home we shall be When our journey begins by the Silent Sea.
Bill Thompson


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You reached for the stars But grasped only air You hungered for life And swallowed despair
What you had wouldn't do There had to be more Life was too short Life was a store
Pick it up, put it down Too costly, you see They want you to pay You had to be free
You searched and you roamed Through fear and through pain Nobody at home Empty roads and cold rain
We who loved you stood round Petals left torn By your rage at the moon We are scattered and mourn
You wouldn't have wanted us To see you like this Face bloated and worn Tortured with your last bliss
Your hunger for life, Now filled with your death Our hopes for your future Died with your last breath
Hard times and sweet times Now time is no more Than pain to swim through To that invisible shore
Once there we can reach For each others hearts Wear stars in our eyes Eternity start
Your wife, Michel