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Setting Boundaries

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    Boundary – 'a limit on what is reasonable' - Oxford English Dictionary. One of the areas that families of substance users have difficulty with is in setting boundaries that are effective and manageable.   All relationships where people live together need boundaries in place to develop trust, stability and Read More
  • Defining The Boundary +

    What is the issue, circumstance, area of concern? What do you need to achieve? Examine your motive in wanting to set this boundary. Is it in response to clear thinking about an area of concern or is it an angry response to a set of circumstances? If Read More
  • If A Boundary Is Broken +

    You can expect boundaries to be broken by substance users – especially when they are first put in place. They will often react to changes by pushing you and other family members to previous ways of behaving. They will probably be less motivated to change than you are. Read More
  • Setting A Boundary +

    Having thought about the boundary you would like to set and being prepared to talk about it, the next thing is to set it with the substance user. The skill to utilise is negotiation. It is important to build and maintain a dialogue between the user and Read More
  • Keeping a Boundary +

    The last stage in the process is keeping the boundary. This is done by: Observing if the boundary is being kept Acknowledging that it is being kept or if it is broken Responding appropriately if it is broken Read More
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FDS Dismay at Premier’s Amnesty Bin Announcement

FDS logo 165Family Drug Support Dismay at Premier’s Amnesty Bin Announcement

11 December 2019

Tony Trimingham, the Founder and CEO of Family Drug Support (FDS), on behalf of the many thousands of families FDS is in contact with, has expressed his utter dismay and disbelief that once again the NSW Premier and Government have slammed the door on life-saving pill testing.

It is unconscionable that the extensive work and findings of the NSW Deputy Coroner, an independent evaluation of the second successful trial in the ACT and the deaths of so many young people recently at festivals, can be so easily ignored.

This announcement today is a devasting blow to those of us who already know that the front of house pill testing, trialled in Canberra, is a proven public health measure that should be available at all festivals. Closing one’s ears and eyes to the harm caused by current policies is simply not good enough.

I call on the Premier to meet with me and the families of people who have been lost so that she can explain why she is so intransigent and seemingly unaffected on these tragedies.

For further information, please contact:

Mr Tony Trimingham
Founder & CEO
Family Drug Support

About Family Drug Support

• Established by Tony Trimingham in 1997, Family Drug Support volunteers take over 25,000 calls to their support line every year.
• The Service provides 24/7 support (Phone: 1300 368186) and support groups in capital cities and a growing number of regional centres.
• FDS also offers the Stepping Stones course for families/friends supporting someone with drug and/or alcohol problems.