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Coping with self-isolation

COVID-19 stay homeWith the new advice regarding the Coronavirus, many people are now having to self-isolate which means long periods of time at home on their own. Whilst this can be boring and lonely, we want to encourage you to see it as an opportunity to get involved with various activities. In our Stepping Stones course, we encourage people to use their balance pole which is a metaphor we use to help cope with the crisis, the balance pole we refer to consists of things that people enjoy and utilise to get through difficult times. Often when we are in crisis, we discard the balance pole and it is important to use it if possible. Therefore, when self-isolating some of the things we would encourage you to think about would be; 
  • Taking up or rediscovering hobbies and interests;
  • Contacting friends that you may have not talked to in a while;
  • Reading;
  • Listening to enjoyable music;
  • Yoga, exercise, spending time with animals and relaxing in a bath.
 We find that doing these things not only helps our wellbeing but starts to build goals and a sense of purpose even when life can be difficult. They also take our mind off being completely focused on problems.

FDS & Coronavirus (COVID-19)

FDS logo 165In these changing and uncertain times because of the Corona Virus, FDS is trying to maintain a balance of continuing to provide appropriate support to families, with being socially responsible and implementing hygiene protocols.

Some of our venues with Support Groups have closed down, and we have already had to postpone some Stepping Stones, and Stepping Forward sessions. At this stage, most Support Groups are in place but with new info coming up on a daily basis some may need to be temporarily postponed. We will endeavour to keep you informed regularly on our website: