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Rachael Brown

Rachael Brown
08/02/1989 – 16/05/2019
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Rachael Elizabeth Brown 
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Rachael was the most courageous and positive strong woman. She applied herself to whatever she was doing.  She gave full attention to what you were saying and acted in an empathetic way with honesty and positivity.

She would listen attentively and had the ability to change herself into what you needed at the time. A shoulder to cry on, some clear advice or just listen.

My beautiful daughter Rachael was my closest friend. We loved each other enormously and spent hours talking about things that were precious to us.

In the early part of her life as a mother, I granted her every wish.  I played for hours with her setting up a children’s hospitals made up of cardboard boxes and the patients were sometimes real animals, dolls or teddies.

You see I could easily come down to her level as I didn’t have a happy childhood so I lavished her with anything she wanted to ignite her dream. We would dress up and put makeup on each other and her poor dad had to endure hours of plays, dances, just plain fun. She loved her brother James very much and the two of them played and planned attacks on their unsuspecting parents. I clearly remember her hiding behind a bin and shouting to James watch out they are coming. 

She never judged anyone and always had a kind word and treated people.

She is with her heavenly father surrounded by souls that went before her. You see she hasn’t left us. She’s at peace and happy.