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Mandy Finch

In Loving Memory of Mandy Finch
18.8.1972 - 27.10.2006
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Mandy Girl
A poem dear friend
Your story untold
Of one who touched hearts
A beautiful soul
Loved her precious girls Sam & Jaymie
Carnations and Roses
Her garden, her sanctuary
Pretty as summer
Tough as nails
Upfront and honest
But carried her fair share of sad tales
Giving of herself
Until the very end
I wish you'd stayed longer Mandy - my friend
Much love and sadly missed
So missed and forever loved by her daughters Sam and Jayme, her partner Mewsy and her best friends Greg (Jayme's dad) and Julie. Friend to Mysh and all those who loved her.


Mandy  Jayme 

Most of us have places that are sacred to us.

These spots, wherever they are, seem to rejuvenate us and lighten our beings.
It's not important where the place is. It may be a corner of a room, a place
where we like to walk or a secret place within ourselves.
Wherever it is, when we have taken the time to rest there even for a bit,
we always benefit. Yet when our lingering comes to an end,
our sadness lets us know how precious the place is to us.


Mum  Dad Greg  Mandy  Sam