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All Governments Need To Support Pill Testing - 1 May 2018

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All Governments Need to Support Pill Testing
1st May 2018

Harm Reduction Australia and Family Drug Support are calling on all Governments (Federal, State & Territory) to immediately reconsider their positions on pill testing and support further trials around the country.

In response to recently reported comments by Federal MPs, Warren Entsch and Lisa Singh, Mr Trimingham, CEO & Founder of Family Drug Support said:

Families around the country don’t always understand the risks that some young people take. However, they are aware that some family members attend music festivals and probably realise that part of that experience can involve using drugs. While they clearly prefer that their family members did not use drugs, their main concern is health and safety. From hundreds of discussions with family members, we know that pill testing has their widespread support. People opposed to this life-saving program need to stop and ask themselves one question – if that was your child at a festival about to take a pill would they want them to know more about the risks involved with what they are about to do or not?

Mr Vumbaca, President of Harm Reduction Australia added:

It has been very encouraging to see MPs around the country come out in support of pill testing. What they understand is that pill testing does not encourage or condone drug use. It simply provides a critical service that allows patrons whom have already passed through security and are preparing to take a drug to pause, have it analysed to understand exactly what they have in their hands, talk to experts to learn more about its potential effects and harms, and then consider disposing of the drug safely or understanding where and how to seek assistance should something adverse occur.

Both Mr Trimingham and Mr Vumbaca reiterated that pill testing has been in place for many years in other countries and that politicians of all persuasion needed to understand and be guided by the evidence.

Mr Trimingham added:

As the father of someone that has lost a son to drugs the last thing I would do would be to support a program that in any way would increase the risk of harm.

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